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What is Arts and Media?

The Roving School of Arts and Media offers workshops and courses on subjects from the disciplines of arts and media.


We describe the arts as a flexible and multidisciplinary field that incorporates the disciplines of creative activity, such as fine arts and visual arts, with the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

We believe the arts comprises an educational programme that is vital for civic engagement, personal development, and enlightenment.


We define media as forms of communication, including radio, television, and film, and the material objects that mediate or shape our interactions in the world.

Following Marshall McLuhan, we believe “the medium is the message,” meaning we believe examining media (in conjunction with content) is a useful and necessary element to understanding society and culture.

Our Pedagogy

We offer a distinct pedagogical approach to that incorporates critical thinking, practical, and production to explores topics and themes in the arts and media.




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