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Contemporary Spiritualism

Contemporary Spiritualism WOrkshop Series

Contemporary Spiritualism is a workshop series that brings together experts and researchers to talk about aspects of contemporary spiritual practice.


Mediumship is an ancient craft where the medium facilitates communication between the living and spiritual realms. In this workshop, we examine the evolution of mediumship, its popularisation in the eighteen-century, and its role in contemporary society.

Guest Instructor: Florence King
Date: 19 February 2019



Shamanism describes a collection of traditions and practices of healing, in which a shaman enters an altered state of consciousness to communicate with the spirits and provide remedies to individual and social afflictions. We explore the evolution of shamanic practices in Africa, with a focus on contemporary adaptations and techniques.

Guest Instructor: Makeda Aset
Date: 26 February 2019


Witchcraft is the practice of and belief in supernatural forces, such as having magic and obtaining magic abilities. This workshop investigates the European origins of witchcraft, the practices associated with witchcraft, and explores contemporary witchcraft.

Guest Instructor: Sammi B
Date: 5 March 2019


We explore the centrality of the body and embodiment in contemporary spiritualist practices, focusing on palmistry. This workshop examines how palm readers interpret the body to reveal as a form of divination, and what techniques and tools are used to read palms.

Guest Instructor: Maz Rukz

Date: 12 March 2019


Numerology investigates the symbolic and immaterial significance of numbers (and letters). We examine the techniques and instruments numerologists use to uncover the hidden language of numbers, exploring the cultural importance of numbers.

Guest Instructor: Josy Curcio

Date: 19 March 2019

Angel Work

In this workshop, we consider how angel intuitives, a recent spiritual profession, adopts mediumship and divination to communicate with the spiritual realm. We examine the significance of Judeo-Christian belief and mythology to examine how it has been adopted and co-opted over time.

Guest Instructor: Mary Kerr

Date: 26 March 2019


More information to come. Check back in a couple of days.

Guest Instructor: TBA

Date: 2 April 2019 & 9 April 2019

Roving Spiritual Passport

Register for all six workshops to receive a complimentary ticket for one person to December’s Roving Talks on the art and science of spiritualism.

In this moderated public discussion, experts and researchers from the fields of arts and media are invited to discuss a topic from multiple disciplines and traditions. This year we’re hosting a discussion on the art and science of spiritualism. Are spiritual connections biologically mapped or learned? What is considered scientific?

Moderated by Brooke McArthur, former presenter and producer at Psychic TV Australia.

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Brooke McArthur was a presenter on Psychic TV (7TWO). She has held senior positions in the media industry in Australia and abroad, and regularly presents at academic conferences on culture, health, and media.

Jordan McArthur graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Arts in Film, Media and Cultural Studies. He has presented at several national and international academic conferences on health, sexuality, and technology.


The cost of the workshop is $40.00. We recommend coming along to all the workshops to get the most out of the experience, but it’s up to you!

Purchase the “Spiritual Rover Passport” and get free entry to December’s Roving Talks.

The cost of the workshop covers course materials as well as amenities (tea, coffee, biscuits).



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